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About Castaways Developments Ltd.

Welcome to the Castaways Developments Ltd. web site where we sell exciting land in several sub-divisions on beautifully sloping land with sea views. Please learn more about us and view the pictures from our sub-divisions; contact us if you have any questions. We have some areas which are more developed than others, so you can choose the level of investment suited to your needs. Whether you want to buy land to build a home, or create a vehicle for a return on investment, these options are available through Castaways Developments Ltd.

Sea view

The Castaways Developments Ltd. main sub-divisions overlook the stunning Mero Beach on the west side of the island. Lots typically are about 8,000 sq.ft. although there is some variation; many are on gently-sloping land entirely suitable for home construction. Best of all, every lot has an ocean-view of the Caribbean Sea. The beach is about a 10-minute walk to the softest black sand you'll find. You can also swim in two oceans, hike on the cross-island trails and take a relaxing soak in the natural sulphur springs.

Lots are only $12.00EC per sq.ft. although prices may change so please send us an email to verify the cost.



Castaways Developments Ltd. is a Canadian company, situated in Toronto, Ontario. It has a long history (established in 1962) and is actively involved in creating basic services for the several hundred lots available.

Water, road access and electricity is available in the first developed phase and many homes have already been constructed.

If you are interested in buying all or part of the next sub-division phase, please send us an e-mail.




Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about purchasing land in the Commonwealth of Dominica - Nature's Island -from Castaways Developments Ltd. or just want more information, please e-mail Sales@CastawaysDevelopments.com.


Hope to see you soon in Dominica!

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